Elizabeth is a skilled, energised and accomplished learning designer and community development professional who is committed to curiosity, learning and finding solutions to complex challenges in partnership with those impacted. She was a sounding-board for ideas, a source of learning and expertise, and confidante and a critical friend.

Molly Jones, Youth Services Team Leader, Brimbank City Council

‘Elizabeth Carr is the best choice’

Elizabeth guided me through my work, showed me areas where I could express myself better and more succinctly, and helped me to look at my work from a distance. What I loved the most was that she never changed my voice or style. 

She is experienced and knows how to handle your work with respect, care and understanding. She will make sure that every sentence counts and is structurally sound. She is sensitive to inconsistencies and can explain the reason behind every change made.

I highly recommend choosing her service.

Graduate Researcher, Anthropology, Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University

Elizabeth taught me to depend on myself. She was my best teacher ever.

Sivar Toma, Adult Migrant English Program student, Kangan Institute

Creates a space for creative thinking’

Elizabeth is a great team member, she is reliable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She offers great support in the workplace, is diligent and brings out the best in those around her. She gets work completed on time and keeps others on track while managing her own work-load.

When given a project to work on she will go the extra mile to ensure all areas are covered and considered. She is always willing to dig deeper to find a better solution for all.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elizabeth, we made a good team offering ideas and solutions to each other’s roles.

I look forward to working with her again one day.

Deidre Boaz, Brimbank Learning Futures Coordinator, Brimbank City Council

‘One of a kind, a really lovely teacher’

Learning felt really smooth. Elizabeth can make you understand in really simple ways. She was always working hard for us to become successful students. I am never going to forget the experiences that I had with her and how she always pushed her students to become successful.

Thank you so much.

Blaser Khochaba, Adult Migrant English Program student, Kangan Institute

‘One of the most supportive teachers I’ve had’

Elizabeth spoke clearly to ensure I understood the lesson. She encouraged me to learn by making her lessons clear and engaging. Elizabeth was very patient with me. She put in the effort in every lesson to ensure I was progressing in my learning.

It was lovely having her as my teacher.

Samir Tchaba, Adult Migrant English Program student, Kangan Institute

Elizabeth Carr Learning Support & Solutions
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Melbourne, Australia

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