Learning design

Learning design creates meaningful education experiences.

Subject-matter experts and in-house trainers do not always have the pedagogical tools or knowledge to create impactful programs.

Make training worthwhile.

Let me help you create better learning outcomes.

Program design

Program design is the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of a learning or training program. It lays the foundation for impactful and tailored learning for a particular learner group:

  • Learner group profile & needs analysis
  • Organisational needs analysis
  • Suggested learning objectives, learning activities, assessment criteria & tools.

Elizabeth is a skilled, energised and accomplished learning designer and community development professional who is committed to curiosity, learning and finding solutions to complex challenges in partnership with those impacted.

Molly Jones, Youth Services Team Leader, Brimbank City Council

Program development

Program development is the ‘how’ of creating a learning or training program. It sets out the framework for trainers to use the most effective means and methods for learner engagement and outcomes:

  • Learning objectives
  • Instruction and delivery resources
  • Learning activities
  • Assessment criteria and tools
  • Evaluation framework

She is always willing to dig deeper to find a better solution for all. Elizabeth is reliable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Deidre Boaz, Brimbank Learning Futures Coordinator, Brimbank City Council

Learning resources evaluation

Learning resource evaluation is key to getting the most of your existing training materials. It provides a detailed appraisal of commendations and recommendations:

  • Training structure
  • Language
  • Learning activities and examples
  • Learning resources
  • Learner assessment and feedback
  • Visuals
  • Final recommendations

Elizabeth’s learning resource evaluation was extremely helpful for my press release training which was delivered across cultural and language barriers. Her insights were thoughtful and appropriate and I will definitely be carrying her recommendations forward! Having outside analysis for my learning module helped me think about my delivery, materials and assessments in a more lucid and concrete way.

I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to evaluate their assumptions and strengthen their training materials and methods.

Fiona McAlpine, Communications and Media Manager, The Borneo Project

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